Our Company

According to recent data more than 74% of online shoppers use search engines to research & compare products from a range of different companies.

Trusted Supplement Reviews was inspired by the impact of digital comparison tools (DCT's) on both the energy and insurance industry.

DCT's have revolutionized the way in which consumers manage their essential premiums, by offering a variety of ways to choose between products & services.

At Trusted Supplement Reviews we believe the DCT model is something that can & should be extended into the wider market.

Hundreds of millions of people around the globe already collect useful information from multiple sources to solidify their purchase decisions.

Trusted Supplement Reviews saves the consumer time and effort by making comparisons easier & more appealing. Our unique digital algorithms collect information from multiple online sources in a way which allows the consumer to compare their options easily.

How We Help Your
Business Thrive

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  • 47,441

    Conversions in 2020

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    Conversion Rate

Our CARE Principles
Treating Our Visitors Fairly

At Trusted Supplement Reviews we pride ourselves on our professional standards. Our visitors have the right to
be presented with information which is complete, correct, relevant, up to date and not misleading. We have
adopted a set of principles which outline our commitment to ensuring all our visitors are provided with a
service which is fair, easy to understand and protects their personal information.


  • We prominently provide an explanation of how we make money
  • We clearly explain how much of the market we cover
  • We clearly explain how we ranked the results presented
  • We clearly state how any commercial relationships may have affected the results presented
  • We ensure any advertising is clearly identifiable
  • We clearly explain any promotional offers


  • Provide in each result information the consumer needs, including price and main characteristics
  • Ensure information is correct, up to date & not misleading
  • Address any inaccuracies promptly
  • Ensure results presented are relevant
  • Explain any product limitations


  • Comply with all obligations under data protection and privacy law
  • Explain the collection and use of customer data and what controls consumers can exercise
  • Have processes in place to ensure consumers can see the full picture and be clear about how reviews are collected and checked
  • Deal with complaints professionally and fairly; and provide clear information about how to complain

Easy To Use

  • Present all information in a clear, prominent & timely way
  • Provide contact details, including postal and email address
  • Comply with all regulation under relevant equality law